6 Core Shielded Security Cable

The 6 Core Shielded Security Cable is usually 18AWG,22AWG to 28AWG, It is appliced in Surveillance system to connect Video,Audio, Alarmer or Controller.

In CCTV systems,it usually use fireproof PVC jacket,this 6 core cable are use  TPU,which has much better performance and resistance to harsh environment.


6 core shielded security cable
6 core shielded security cable
SP206B-003 cutting diagram

technical specification

Items Specification
Products name 
Conductor MaterialTinned CopperTinned Copper 
 Specification19/0.O8TC 士0. 008+250D Nylon19/0.O8TC士0.008+250D Kevlar
Insulation MaterialPPPP
Inner Shield MaterialTinned Copper  
Inner Jacket Material60P-PVC 
Filler MaterialPE+Kevlar
Outer Shield MaterialTinned Copper 
 Specification16*15/0.05 TC士0.008
Jacket MaterialTPU (medical grade/)/PVC optional
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