5 Core Silicone Cable with 5 Silicone Insulated Wires

This 5 Core Silicone Cable includes 5 Silicone Insulated Wires.Usually Silicone Jacketed cable includes Telfon insulated wires.This can is Silicone insulated

Our 5 Core Silicone Cable is specifically designed to meet the needs of various industries such as medical, industrial, and laboratory settings. Each wire in the cable is insulated with silicone, ensuring exceptional performance in harsh environments characterized by high temperatures, chemical exposure, and electromagnetic interference. The silicone insulation guarantees outstanding durability and superior safety.

Whether you are in search of a cable solution for medical monitoring equipment, diagnostic devices, medical imaging systems, or laboratory instruments, our 5 Core Silicone Cable is well-suited to meet your requirements. It provides reliable signal transmission, stable power delivery, and complies with relevant standards and regulations.

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5C 25AWG Silicone insulation Silicone jacket OD 6.0
5 conductor Silicone insulated and Silicone jacketed Cable OD 6.0mm

technical specification

Inner Conductor : Tin Plated Copper 

Gauge:25AWG (30/0.08 TC)


Filler :Non

Jacket:Black medical grade Silicone Rubber,Diameter 6.0mm±0.15mm

Application:Medical field

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